Handmade Waist Beads, Custom-Fit Pieces For All Sizes

Handmade Waist Beads, Custom-Fit Pieces For All Sizes

Pretty Mama WaistBeads midsection dabs and different gems are uniquely crafted per each request with:

  • Vivid top notch African and Ghana glass globules
  • Representative gemstones (mending stones), like jade, amethyst, carnelian, pearl, and then some
  • Silver-conditioned, gold-conditioned, and metal charms
  • Tough nylon-covered wire, shut with authentic silver catches utilized in many styles (silver-tone, gold-tone and real copper fastens are utilized when noted).
  • Handcrafted and made to estimate so no two are actually indistinguishable.

We are incredibly grateful that our waistbeads have been casted a ballot Best Waistbeads on the Market and that we're perceived as the chief top of the line abdomen dabs fashioner. We value our great norms, flawless plan, predominant craftsmanship and sincere consideration and appreciation for our clients.

We are a mother-little girl making pair, Brianna and Amani; we put an advanced touch on a well established African practice by making hand-specially made, uniquely fit enhancements for the absolute most amazing aspects of a lady's body: her hips and abdomen. Waistbeads are otherwise called Waist Beads, Belly Beads, Body Jewelry or Waist Bracelets.

Pretty Mama WaistBeads wearable craftsmanship, weight reduction following, and precious stone recuperating waistbeads summon sensations of extravagance, womanliness, exotic nature, and strengthening. The Pretty Mama WaistBeads brand is known for its predominant quality and biggest assortment of captivating plans. Put on a bunch of Pretty Mama WaistBeads ; the inclination is mystical!

Shop our collections: https://prettymamawaistbeads.com/collections/pretty-pre-made-waistbeads

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