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There isn’t any one reason why we wear waistbeads, but we do it because it feels good! We like looking in the mirror and seeing our bodies adorned with these beautiful colors, charms, and gems. Wearing them reminds us that our beautiful bodies are a temple and that we should honor it. Waistbeads are a cultural thing, it can be very spiritual and sometimes even personal! Whether you decide to wear them for any reason or another is based on your intention, and is ultimately defined by you 💕

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A basic guide for choosing a waistbead based on its traditional color significance.

Pink 💖- care, beauty, love, kindness

Red ❤️‍🔥- confidence , passion, power

Orange🧡- fun, optimism, courage

Yellow💛- energy, positivity, happiness

Green💚- abundance, fertility, prosperity

Blue💙- loyalty, truth, class

Purple 💜- royalty, spirituality, wisdom

White 🤍- light, truth, purity

Black 🖤- power, protection, elegance

Gold 💛- luxury, prestige, wealth

Brown 🤎- earth, stability

you decide ☺️

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